Time Attendance Software

Know the Whereabouts of Your Teams and Employees Anytime with Orisoft Time Attendance Software. A quiet and powerful tool in managing your employee’s attendance, whereabouts and activities.

Ethical well-disciplined employees play an important role in forming and supporting any successful organization. However, discipline is something that we cannot enforce on people. With Time Attendance Software, you can empower your employees to play their role by enforcing guidelines and standards to guide them towards being a noble employee.

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Orisoft Time and Attendance Software System is a programme that enables you to manage your employees easily in the most friendly manner. The programme is installed with a clocking system to keep track on daily attendance through the usage of advanced biometrics, or proximity cards. Know the whereabouts of your employees anytime as these data are uploaded directly to a server accessible through your desktop. This could increase your efficiency in producing payrolls and making HR-related decisions too!
  • Capable of managing multiple shift setups.
  • Easy calculation for hourly-paid jobs.
  • Tabulates daily and weekly overtime automatically.
  • Organizes and schedules for various types of shifts.
  • Pre-sets for automated task and time tracking reminders.
  • Generate reports including data such as daily and monthly attendance, punctuality, absenteeism, collective working hours and overtime summary.


Time Efficiency

Paper punch cards and manual data entry are eliminated when data is sent directly to the system.

Reduces clocking time from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.

Improved Accuracy

Improves calculation accuracy and reduces wage computation disagreements.

Built-in automatic OT and allowances, entitlement and maximum checks.

Performance Tracking

Track employees’ performance and compile the data.

Smart Cost Control

Employees can be groomed to execute more complicated tasks instead of manually keying in data and calculating allowances.

Overtime and/or absenteeism can be managed via instant generation of Trend Analyses.

Smart Cost Control

Management can tap into the latest and most comprehensive information at any time.

Minimize mistakes and discrepancies due to human oversight.

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