Tricor Orisoft's unify | Mobile

unify | MOBILE (HR Mobile Apps), developed using the latest technology and user friendly interface to make you easier to navigate around the application. All you need is download the application from App Store and Play Store. You will have all the information related to your personal details, leave, claim, attendance, latest company information, so much more to improve employee engagement.

Login using your password or biometric for security purposes. Work from anywhere is much more easier using unify | MOBILE (HR Mobile Apps).

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Manage your leave administration using unify | MOBILE.

Submit your leave application, approve and reject, or perhaps check your leave entitlement before you can plan your holiday, anytime, anywheare with simple steps to follow.

With unify | MOBILE, you can check your submitted leave application and save your time to follow up pending leave with detail workflow available for you to view.

Have something urgent and need to withdraw your leave application? can get it easily done by just one click with unify | MOBILE.


Manage your team attendance to improve tardiness during work from home period.

Get to know now who's working from home, office or other place if you have team active on the field.

With unify | MOBILE allows you and your team to perform clock in and clock out easily, equipped with geo-fencing technology.


unify | MOBILE geo-fencing features allow your device to locate you easier and reduce effort to miss-used the application by tagging another location outside the parameter.

Manage your office location and employee home address easier through unify | MASTER.

Set your policy accordingly and reduce custom effort to connect your Time and Attendance module with attendance machine.

During pandemic, usage of mobile attendance will help your company to stop the spread of the virus.


With unify | MOBILE you can fill up your claim on the fly, anywhere, anytime using you mobile.

Attach your receipt by taking a picture using your mobile and paperless.

Need to approve your subordinates claim? Don't worry unify | MOBILE got you covered, one click away while you are on the road, claim will be approved instantly.


unify | MOBILE giving you convenience to check all your document stored inside document manager.

Get your payslip and print it wirelessly from your mobile device.

Download unify | MOBILE now. Available for Apple and Android devices.
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