With unify | ACCESS, employees and managers have immediate access to information. This includes two-way data transfers, retrieval and information update, submitting of requests (e.g. overtime, leave, claims) and granting approvals.

Managers can approve employee requests directly, without involving the human resources department, thus reducing manual intervention, elimination of unnecessary paperwork, and increased efficiency that result in proven savings and contribute to a quick return of investment.

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Core Features

  • Enable employees to update their personal details and enter requests for leave, claims and OT
  • Improved service to employees through transparency of data that applied to them and savings in reporting time
  • Saving of managers’ and employees’ time and reduction in paperwork
  • Readily accessible data for direct and fast communication between employees and managers
  • Authorization mechanism for viewing and approving employees’ requests
  • Enable your workforce online access to HR policies and employee directory
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