Payroll Software System

Execute your monthly payroll operation seamlessly and accurately with unify | PAY. Leverage on the one and only integrated system that simplifies and amplifies your payroll management.

Manual calculations and physical filings are methods of the past. Our unify | PAY solutions bring all aspects of payroll management together where you can easily manage the entire process within one system. Be empowered to manage and capture employee’s information swiftly, calculate salaries and claims instinctively, and execute documentations in an orderly manner.

Featured Functions & Practicality

unify | PAY is more than just a payroll management system, it serves as the company’s analyzer for the HR department. It is capable of generating reports and data that serve as essential information that assists the organization’s management in making decisions on HR-related matters. A solution that is compliant to our government’s strict statutory standards, unify | PAY is compatible with most external ledger accounting systems enabling any collaboration to take place.

  • Built to handle multilateral functions such as different cut-off dates for basic salary, overtime, bonus, allowance and others.
  • Consolidates all data according to timelines (monthly/bi-monthly/daily/hourly).
  • Sets up formula for allowance/overtime/leave/deduction.
  • Compiles multi-company assignments according to users.
  • Diskette transfer.
  • Foreign currency conversions.
  • Statutory reports.
  • Executes bank auto-payment according to information on diskette.

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