September 2014

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HCM Claim Module – Goods & Service Tax Reporting, Ready by Q4 2014


GST in Malaysia is scheduled to be implemented in April 2015. GST is a tax on business transactions – sale, purchase and expenses. Every GST- registered business must submit the GST returns either on a monthly or a quarterly basis, depending on their turnover. This places a lot of importance on applications software to be able to capture the transaction records accurately and timely.

The Claim module which is used to reimburse employees will incorporate features to capture information relating to GST.

With these additional GST information, monthly reports can easily be generated for employers to file for input tax claim. Look out for the release of this GST features in Q4, 2014.


13 Ways To Level Up Your Happiness At The Office!



We all need to work to make a living and for most of us, our jobs take up at least 40 hours of our week. However, not many of us have the privilege of saying that our work makes us happy, no thanks in part to unending, stressful deadlines, demanding bosses and difficult colleagues. Even if you do love your job and the people you work with, long hours at the office and other pressures can eventually take their toll on your mood. Also, as the mental and physical effects of your job extend beyond the office, it is important to find ways to be happy at work so you can be happy at all other times too.

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