June 2014

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Anytime, Anywhere! Better Employee Engagement with the New Enhanced Employee Self Service Accessible on Various Mobile Devices


The new Employee Self Service (unifiedESS) enables employees to access their own profile information from anywhere, anytime and on any devices. Be it via a notebook, tablet or smartphone, employees have the freedom to administrate their own leave, claims, OT requisition, travel requisition and view payslips. Employees are able to access self service through a secure link and log straight into their accounts.

Orisoft’s unifiedESS also enables an organization to manage the flow of information submitted by employees for approval. This includes requests to take time off on holiday and the submission of expense claims and timesheets. These requests are normally routed to a manager or supervisor for review or approval before the employee’s records within the system are updated. The routing of requests is flexible; requests from a group of employees can be routed to any individual or number of individuals (not just the employee’s manager).

It is important to increase efficiency and provide better employee services. Deploying a mobile Employee Self-Service offers the entire workforce immediate access to critical information, helping to attract and retain the highest quality employees. It also enables more effective communication across the organization and significantly improves employee productivity.


Organizations Increasing Spend in HR Tech, Mobility and Cloud



Companies across the Asia Pacific region are increasing the amount they spend in HR technology as they seek greater efficiency and better processes to raise employee skill levels with the function and the wider organisation.

Towers Watson’s 2014 HR Service Delivery and Technology Survey found one third of business plan to spend more in things like HR portals and software-as-a-service (Saas) via cloud and mobile applications over the next few years.

This includes 23% of companies that plan to increase spending by as much as 20%, while 10% of companies plan to increase HR technology investment by more than 20%. Only 15% of companies plan to spend less on HR technology in the coming year.

It also found one third of companies intend to change their HR structure in an effort to improve both efficiency and quality, which indicates a growing drive to get more value for the business from a more strategic function.

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