Corporate Profile


Since our establishment in 1987, Orisoft has been a leading Human Capital Management Solution provider through cutting-­edge products and services such as Human Resource Management System, Time Management System, Payroll System and Employee Self Service solutions for both the local and international markets.

Our clientele ranges from hotels to construction corporations, engineering firms to telecommunication organizations, trading businesses to manufacturing plants, even government bodies where we strive to meet their essential needs for efficient cost-­effective human capital management solutions. 

Orisoft web-based technology solutions empower small and multi-national businesses to operate efficiently in the area of people management so that organizations can focus on what they do best: Growing their brands.

Orisoft Technology Sdn Bhd, an MSC status company in Malaysia is headquartered in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. It has two subsidiaries in Bangkok, Thailand:

  • Orisoft (Thailand) Co., Ltd
  • Orisoft Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd  (a BOI status company)

Orisoft’s offices in Thailand provides Payroll & HR Outsourcing services, sales, implementation and support of HCM solutions to customers in Thailand.


To be a leader in providing value world-class Human Capital Solution in the Asian market


To deliver flexible and innovative solutions that nurture human capital


The nature of our business is founded upon teamwork where we encourage our employees to exchange knowledge, share experience and nurture ideas into performance excellence. By providing a base where professionals are able to grow in their expertise, we empower our employees to play an integral role in the growth of our organization. Their success stories are ours. Just as your success story is ours too!

Executive Team

The Orisoft executive management team has a wealth of experience in Human Resource software and services, driving Orisoft to be the leading Innovative Human Capital Management provider in the Asia region.

Our Culture

At Orisoft, there are 4 key values that we practice and observe to ensure that the working culture within our organization attracts and keeps talented employees to keep growing with us. More than that, these values are translated into our work so that our customers can harvest the same values in their organizations.


In everything that we do, growth is essential so that we can move on to the next level in life. We are dedicated to nurture our professionals through trainings and development programs to ensure that they grow along with our organization. Thus, the same value is designed into the solutions we provide to our customers so that they too can leverage on our work to nurture their employees.


People is the heart of our business model. It becomes the core of our operation as we enhance the way people communicate and collaborate effectively. The products and services we offer are designed to be engaging and practical on user‐friendly platforms so that people can benefit from these solutions.


By empowering employees to perform exceedingly beyond their potential, their excellent performance becomes an empowerment to the organization that they are working in. Thus, our products and solutions are modeled to empower the users to communicate effectively, perform tasks efficiently and manage projects smartly.


We are always on the look out for new ways to bring ideas to life. By understanding the user’s needs and demands, we are able to find ways to conceptualize solutions that transform the way one performs. By inducing creativity and innovative approaches to the way we design solutions, Orisoft is able to provide cutting-edge solutions that are effective, practical and precise in any given working environment.

Our Clients

Some of our successful and happy clients