Orisoft Services



Professional Training

Technology solutions are effective only when users know how to operate them to its maximized capabilities. At Orisoft, we provide more than just innovative solutions; we equip you with the knowledge and skills to use the solutions to your best advantage. We have user's training modules for each of the solutions we offer including basic learning and user guide training, practical session on how-to for applications and softwares, even knowledge sharing on HR management. The better equipped you are, the more you gain.

Our trainings are held in-house at our office, on-site at your office and via the Internet on secured websites. Our trainers are trained to impart knowledge and skills by first understanding the different learning styles of each participant before choosing an approach that would help them learn best. Orisoft's training programmes are categorised into three main types:


Ideal for kinesthetic learners who learn better through exploration of processes and systems. A comprehensive step-to-step practical session that walks participants through the whole process from A to Z.


Participants will be given the chance to experience the procedure of processing information accurately and learn from mistakes through fix-it methods, patch-up techniques and system restoration.


A two-way communication programme that encourages participants to engage with our trainers through FAQ session and forum-style settings where barriers are broken down to comfortable level of sharing and learning.

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