Australia - Payroll changes from July 2011                                                                   

Following are some new changes in Australia payroll for the new financial year beginning from July 2011:

Flood Levy
The government has introduced a flood levy (also known as the Temporary Flood and Cyclone Reconstruction Levy) to help fund the rebuilding of essential infrastructure damaged by natural disasters. This includes roads, bridges, and schools. The flood levy will apply for the 2011-12 income year and will be paid by most taxpayers. If the taxpayers have received an Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment or the New Zealander ex gratia payment, ATO will send a letter notifying them that they are exempted.

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Paid Parental Leave
(No program changes, if customer have employee that apply for paid parental leave, the amount given by government will be handle by periodic allowance in employee profile).
The Paid Parental Leave scheme is a new entitlement for working parents of children born or adopted from 1 January 2011. Parental Leave Pay is available to working parents who meet the eligibility criteria. Eligible working parents can get 18 weeks of government funded Parental Leave Pay at the rate of the National Minimum Wage (currently $589.40 a week before tax).

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Note: Just as information. No program changes, if customer have employee that apply for paid parental leave, the amount given by government will be handled by periodic allowance in Employee Profile.

Changes in Tax Table
The following link has a list of new tax table applicable for Financial Year 2011/12:
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Payroll Tax
There are also some changes in payroll tax rate for some states:

Maximum Superannuation Contribution Base
The maximum super contribution base is used to determine the maximum limit on any individual employee's earnings base for each quarter of any financial year. You do not have to provide the minimum support for the part of earnings above this limit.

Income year          Per quarter
  2011-12                  $43,820
  2010-11                  $42,220
  2009-10                  $40,170
  2008-09                  $38,180
  2007-08                  $36,470
  2006-07                  $35,240
  2005-06                  $33,720
  2004-05                  $32,180
  2003-04                  $30,560 

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Holiday file for each state
The following list show the holiday in each state. This will affect on number of days deducted when user enter the leave transactions.




Victoria Holiday


New South Wales Holiday


Queensland Holiday


Western Australia Holiday


Southern Australia Holiday


Tasmania Holiday


Australian Capital Territory Holiday


Northern Territory Holiday

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