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Orisoft Employee Self Service ESS

Your Gateway to Efficient Workflow and Increased Productivity

In the past decade, many organizations have implemented the practice of enabling individual employee to update their profiles via in-house application. This smoothens the HR management processes while providing more freedom and ownership to the employees to be responsible for their own profiles.

Employee Self-Service (ESS) is an application that can be made available over a company’s intranet, portal or a specialized kiosk. Employees are able to manage their personal tasks such as filing for reimbursements, accessing company information or updating personal information. As the business owner, you can choose to confine it to a private network or be part of a web-based self-service solution for a more extensive network to include partners, affiliates even customers. Our ESS solution is instilled with Manager Self-Service (MSS) solution to enable authorized personnel to manage and oversee the overall ESS system running within the organization.

An extremely user-friendly application and solution, Orisoft’s ESS and MSS seamlessly integrate into any other Orisoft’s unified themed systems such unifiedPAY, unifiedHCM and unifiedTMS to complete your powerful HR system for an amazing HR management experience.

Featured Functions & Practicality – Your Benefits with ESS and MSS

e-Employee Profile

  • Self access to database to view or update particulars, list compensation packages, skills, qualifications and other information related to the job.

e-Pay Slip

  • Generates pay slip history for viewing and recording purposes.

e-EA Form

  • Current or past EA forms arranged chronologically with easy access.


  • Reducing the need for paper as employees are able to input their claims for authentication by appointed personnel or other third parties.


  • Submitting leave application online quickens the approval process.
  • Managers can easily access information such as balance leave, history in taking leave, availability of other employees to cover before approving leave or otherwise.


  • Performance evaluations can be done by a superior anywhere and anytime through the online ESS system, enabling employees to know where they stand in terms of development and performance to help them map their career.


  • Eliminates discrepancies in attendance as everything is clocked in and stored in the database.

e-Recruitment Requisition

  • Employees will have exclusive information of a vacancy and a methodical process is put in place for them to apply for the job to the HR department.

e-Training Request & Nomination

  • Authorized ESS users/ managers are advised to submit request to the training department if they have a new program deemed helpful to employees. Before submitting a request, they should understand the policies or budget constraints, which can also be uploaded on the ESS server.
  • Managers or HR departments can submit a nomination for employee deemed to benefit from certain training. They can access the necessary information or requirements from the HR system before filing a nomination.


  • Online scheduling of shifts, which employees are responsible to check on their own duties.
  • Reduces possibilities of employees making excuses and also enables them to make immediate arrangements with person in charge if circumstances arise.

e-OT (Request and Claim)

  • Employees are given the task of submitting their overtime requests and/or claims, which goes through processes that will automate rates and calculations before posting to the payroll.


  • If available, employees can apply for loans online according to the organization’s defined criteria such as maximum amount, entitlement, individual and/or group loan.

e-Post Traveling Claims

  • Employees can tabulate and consolidate all expenses and claims from business trips, which will be cross-reference with budgets and policies.


  • Enables internal circulation to update staff on certain information or make announcements.
  • Save time by not needing to circle all departments and save the environment by not printing on paper.
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