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HR Management System

Orisoft Human Capital Management unifiedHCM

Human Capital Management at Your Fingertips with unifiedHCM.

Redefine the way you manage Human Resources with the right solution that maximizes productivity and spells excellence

Having a system in place and everyone in the organization on the same page is essential for effective HR management. It minimizes possible errors and mishaps while maximizes performance efficiency, which results in increased productivity. Moreover, a unified system makes it so much easier to manage and operate everything in an organization.

unifiedHCM is Orisoft’s homegrown solution system designed exclusively for Windows GUI environments. The programme is compatible with other Orisoft modules such as unifiedPAY, unifiedTMS, ESS system, MMS system and FlowNet Workflow Services. With this solution, you are able to collaborate with other necessary Orisoft modules to further enhance your operation standards and transform your HR management to excellence.

Featured Functions and Practicality

Employee Profile

  • All employee details can now be safely stored at one place with this program.
  • Unlimited database tables make room for the HR department to insert additional data to an employee profile, when necessary.


  • Systematic process in hiring the most suitable candidate for the position.
  • Ranges from resource requisition, advertising budget, internal search, background checks, interview and monitoring results for job applicants.


  • Identify and personalize training programmes for employees by matching any personnel’s skills and competency against the job requirements.
  • Pre/post training assessments facilities allows the trainee to measure the effectiveness of the particular training.

Employee Benefits

  • As each company follows different benefit packages, unifiedHCM allows you to define packages, exclusive to your organization.
  • Packages can be applied to employees according to organizational structure, category or grade.


Flexible user-defined appraisal forms in accordance to each level of employment in the organization for multiple periods.

  • Links to performance rating, which results in a matrix to generate increment and bonus forecast.

Leave Module

  • Define types of leave applicable to employees.
  • Data in system enable tracking of leave, eliminating possibilities of employees taking advantage of their entitlement.

Claim Module

  • Organize type of claims in specific periods according to your preference.
  • Has multiple claim types and budgets, which can be segmented in defined categories such as department, position etc.

Medical Module

  • Keep employee’s medical records on track such as date of visits, cost, type of illness and doctor’s advice and treatment given.

Exit Procedures

  • Analyze turnovers in the organization by creating types of exit interview questionnaires.

Casual Labour

  • When needed, this function will consolidate all aspects of casual labour such as job monitoring, voucher generation and salary distribution.


  • Keeps track on employee hostel/locker/transportation arrangements.

Organization Chart

  • Graphics and charts are tools of choice to view and understand easily the organizational structure.


  • Long list of letter templates provided for users to process consistent standard documents.
  • Templates can be modified or new ones created.

Industrial Relations

  • Define codes of misconduct and actions that will be taken.
  • Links to the correspondence module to generate warning letters, show-cause letters or other relevant letters.


  • Employee records are kept strictly confidential with implementation of comprehensive central control.

Alerts & Notifications

  • Be on top of your work or business. Pre-configure and pre-set how you want information delivered via e-mail, instant messaging, SMS or workflow and where to place the information for quick access.


  •  When applicable, this function allows an organization to maintain employee loans and update to their profile.

Manpower Planning

  • Strategize on maximizing your employees potential by defining and monitoring their attributes and what they excel in.

Career Planning

  • Create training programs to groom potential employees to reach higher positions.
  • Its user-definable function allows the user to discover possibilities for employees based on their strengths.


  • Tracks the eligibility of employees to the ESOS scheme by defining requirements based on annual performance and length of service.
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